Only Boring People Get Bored

An old saying you’ve probably heard from a parent, teacher or colleague. In my mind, it’s rubbish.

The Dictionary Definition of ‘Bored’ is ‘feeling weary and impatient because one is unoccupied or lacks interest in one’s current activity’.
We all do things we don’t particularly want to do, and often there is something that we would rather be doing. Take your job for example… some people love their jobs and – here come’s another saying – therefore ‘never work a day in their life’ … I could write a whole other piece about that one. Others don’t love their job and see it as a means to an end – working to live. I like my job and yet could still list a hundred things I’d rather be doing on a Tuesday.
The fact is, everyone gets bored. Surely no person is engaged 100% of the time. I guess what the saying means is that you can never be bored if you are not boring – if you in a ‘boring’ situation, you may make up stories in your head, colour something, change the situation or rather ‘make the best of a bad situation’.
I regularly feel bordem lurking, watching me, waiting to come and sit on me. I would argue that I get bored because I’m not a boring person. In a ‘boring’ situation (e.g. watching a slow television show, sitting in the bath, a slow day at work…) I get bored because my mind craves stimulation and my imagination runs wild with all the things I could be doing at that time. The thing is that when bordem does descend, I want to do something to get rid of it, so often I’m not bored for long.
In my opinion, tweak the saying slightly and it makes a whole lot more sense…
Only boring people don’t get bored.

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