Be you. 

As far as we know, everyone gets one life.

You’re born, you live, you die. To quote the postman who delivered some letters to me at work the other day ‘we’re all on a journey, from womb to tomb.’

So… one life. It’s up to us to make the most of it. What does making the most of life mean? Taking every opportunity, creating new life, branching out, exploring…? Its our duty to ourselves to be happy and LIVE our lives.

I get frustrated when I have a bad day because I feel it’s wasted and I’ve negatively impacted my life. I have so many regrets because I often feel that my one life should be perfect with no mistakes.

Perfection does not exist. It’s obvious everywhere you look. You think that these magazines are full of perfect women but you don’t see the hours of editing behind the scenes. You think your best friend’s mum is best in the world but you don’t see them argue when you’ve gone home.

Striving for perfection is setting out to fail. Remember: a bad day doesn’t mean a bad week, month, year or a bad LIFE.

I hate the thought of people feeling unwanted, out of place or lost in the world. I hate the thought of someone feeling like what they want is wrong.
I wish a man could walk through London holding his boyfriend’s hand with a full face of makeup and not get a second glance. The thought that gender-fluidity is ridiculed and some people are terrified to reveal who they really are is heartbreaking.

I can’t believe some of the things which leaders such as Donald Trump have said and yet they have hundreds of supporters lapping up their every word.

I wouldn’t want my daughter to be ashamed of her girlfriend, I wouldn’t want my son to be ashamed of wanting to wear a skirt or some eyeliner. I wouldn’t want my friend to feel ashamed of telling me she’s a Christian.

I’m still trying to figure out how to be myself; how do I lose my inhibitions and just be me? I don’t even know exactly who I am so it’s hard to be proud of who I am.

All I can do to be able to sleep at night is love others and be open-minded and accepting of those who may be viewed as a little bit different.

There’s a lot of shit and darkness in the world but I want to hold up my head and be a little bit of light.


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