So we’re leaving the EU…

I don’t want this site to become a controversial place and I definitely don’t want to upset anyone. However, I believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I’d like to think that this is a place where I can safely voice mine.

After much research and hours of listening to numerous debates on ‘Brexit’, I decided to vote ‘Remain’ and I went to the polling station and drew my cross in that top box at around 7:30am on Thursday 23rd June 2016. I genuinely felt that we’d be safer and better off within the EU.

Waking up on 24th June and finding out that the majority had voted to leave the EU, I was genuinely shocked. I really thought that we would stay in the EU and that ‘Remain’ voters had it in the bag. I was shocked, slightly worried, but also somewhat excited… or at least intrigued about what this result would mean for us and our future.

I voted to remain in the EU and I’m proud to voice that. However, I completely accept that more people voted to leave. I stand with Britain and with the decision that we as a country have made. We’re leaving and that’s that.

I can’t believe that people are ashamed to call themselves British because of this result. I can’t believe that people are demanding a ‘re-vote’ through a second referendum and that over 2 million people have signed a petition for this to happen. If remain had won and the leavers had started a petition for another vote, I can’t see them being taken seriously.

I completely respect that the majority of people want to leave the EU and now I think that we all need to be positive about the future and come together to achieve great things. Even though I voted remain initially, it is now my duty as a British citizen to stand with the decision made by the majority of our people and to look forward and make positive decisions that will lead us to succeed outside of the EU.

It is awful to see some remain campaigners HOPING for the worst to happen simply so they can say ‘I told you so.’. Positive remain engagement is needed right now to build a consensus for the future of the UK.

The decision is made and democracy has spoken. We have to make it work, whether we like it or not. I’m surprised that so few people are thinking like this. We need to pull our socks up, have a pint at the pub, and face the consequences of what Britain has decided.

Onwards and upwards, out of the EU.


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